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I consider myself to be most fortunate to get an opportunity to serve this college as Principal under the able guidance of our Hon'ble Chairman, Shri Narinderpal Singh Ruprah Advocate. Hon'ble Chairman is a worthy son of a noble and a pious personality, Late Sardar Hari Singh Ruprah Sr. Advocate. Our Chairman was a topper throughout his student life in academics as well in sports and as an Advocate, Shri Ruprah has probably done the greatest number of service matters, motor vehicle cases and arbitration matter in the High Court of M.P. He is respected in the Bar and the Bench as the last word on many a law point. That such a successful and respected lawyer should dedicate his valuable time to to give leadership to an arts and law college is the good fortune of the city of Jabalpur. Within a very short time, this city will realize the fruits of the noble mission of our leader.

This College is established by Sikh Education Society. Shri Guru Angad Dev ji further developed the concept of Langar which was started by Shri Guru Nanak Dev ji and this concept of Langar is the greatest manifestation of equality as it is a practice where high and low castes, rich and poor all sit together in a row and partake meals. Guru Tegh Bahadur sacrificed his life to defend the religious freedom of Kashmiri Pandits( liberty to follow one’s own religion and love for all religions i.e. – secularism). Shri Guru Gobind Singh ji created a Khalsa in which caste and creed had no meaning and the Panj Piaras of Sikh religion belong to five different states and different castes (again an assertion of Fraternity and of course nationalism). All Gurudwaras are not managed by any Granthi but by a society called Shri Guru Singh Sabha – there you see democracy. So all the modern concepts of law i.e. Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, Democracy already existed in the Indian HIstory and the Sikh Gurus have further polished them. Therefore, when a Sikh Society establishes a college of Arts and Law, it does not do anything new but only performs the duties bestowed upon them by the Guru. We have been taught that the concepts of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity are a gift of the French Revolution or the Russian revolution. But I feel that this is our heritage here in India. Therefore the need to study all subjects of humanity (History, Sociology, Political Science, Economics) and of law from global point of view with special focus on Indian heritage, cannot be overemphasized.

Since Hari Singh Ruprah College is managed by Sikh Education Society, we focus on teaching the concepts of law as well those of life. If you are casual about your studies, then this college is not the place for you. High academic standards and equal enthusiasm and dedication in all co-curricular activities is the hallmark of this college.

I revere Mrs. Amrit Ruprah Advocate, the President of our foundation society, (Sikh Education Society) for her great financial contribution without which the college would not have come into existence.

Rest assured, there is no better place for a high quality academic life in the city of Jabalpur than Hari Singh Ruprah College. 1 Supply Road, Jabalpur Cantt..


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